Investing in New York City

One of the most lucrative and active markets in New York City real estate is the commercial market. Whether you are a native New Yorker or foreign investor, The Nicole Gary Team has on and off market properties available in all five boroughs. We have the experience to guide you towards a profitable property or development site suited to your needs and resources. 

Residential Buildings


Residential buidings are one of the best investments in New York, as demand for apartments in all boroughs of the city continue to climb. Whether you are buying or selling, we will always make sure you are getting the best deal. 

Mixed-Use Buildings


Technically, mixed-use means that an area incorporates more than one type of use. In cities, especially older urban areas such as New York or Washington, DC, it’s common for retail space to occupy the first floor of a large apartment building, or even rowhouses. While, of course, there are many buildings in New York City that are exclusively income-producing commercial properties, thousands of properties in New York City are mixed-use buildings, most typically those with retail space on street level and residential space above. It is a complicated task to purchase a New York City commercial building with known or potential residential tenancies. However, with an expereinced agent, most of the potential traps for an unwary buyer or seller can be avoided. 

Office & Retail


Finding an office space for your company can be a grueling process, especially in one of the most expensive cities in the world. With thousands of connections throughout the city in the retail and commercial world, The Nicole Gary team is well-equipped to find the perfect space that suits your vision and your bottom line.